About Brett

My name is Brett Fforde and I am a CrossFit consultant for hire.

I specialise in program design for affiliates and I have a passion for helping make CrossFit accessible to everybody. I want to help affiliates with this aspect of their business to free some more time for them to coach movement and develop their community.

I spent 10 years in the Australian Army and the last 4 of those were as a Physical Training Instructor where much of my time was spent instructing on Combat Fitness Leaders Courses and reviewing the monthly programs and lesson plans of the local unit Combat Fitness Leaders.

In my final year of service I started studying Sport and Exercise Science at James Cook University and in 2008 I graduated with a Bachelors degree. Whilst studying I worked in various positions including Health Promotion with Queensland health and a number of Personal Training and Group Fitness appointments.

After graduation I was employed as a technical officer for the Sport and Exercise department at JCU and I worked there until I received an offer I couldn’t refuse.

Head Coach of CrossFit Townsville! I was lucky enough to be the head coach of CFTSV for three years where my roles included coaching groups and individuals, staff development and programming.

CrossFit Townsville has had 4 individuals compete at regional level, 3 teams compete at regional level and 2 of those 3 teams progressed on to the Reebok CrossFit Games in LA.

It is in programming that I feel I have something to offer to other affiliate owners.

I have a unique set of skills that have made me confident in my ability to program for a CrossFit gym by correspondence.

While I was in the army there was a strong focus on lesson plans and it was always expected that the lesson plan was of a quality that another trainer could pick it up and run the session as you would have. For years I balked at this requirement because I would always run my own sessions and only used my lesson plans for reference when I wanted to repeat a lesson. The early days of CFTSV were the same with me running all the sessions a lesson plans was not so important. As CFTSV grew and we got more coaches I was able to have some time off but now the importance of the lesson plan began to increase. The clarity of the lesson plan was important to ensure the consistency of the delivered session regardless of the trainer in charge.

The ante was raised again at CFTSV with the opening of a second affiliate run by the same owners and following the same programming. The lesson plan had to be workable in two unique locations and by two different trainers at the same time with the intent of the lesson plan to preserve the delivered stimulus regardless of where the program was experienced.

So punch line to the above is I go alright at writing lesson plans.

The content is my passion, I spend hours everyday pouring over internet blogs and websites in an effort to find different ways to attack the regularly occurring problems that I have seen at the affiliates that I have worked and visited.

So consultant for hire? Why? What does that mean?

One of the military concepts that I have always identified with is force multiplication. If I can use my competency to affect 10 – 50 trainers and they each effect 10 – 50 athletes my investment of effort is extremely rewarding.

Our culture is one where we look to do everything ourselves else we be seen as lacking or weak. This is unfortunate. I lack the skill sets to build and maintain a thriving CrossFit Community and successful business but I am good at analysing CrossFit the program and have dedicated myself to a better understanding of all aspects of movement. I propose we form an alliance.

Due to my new commitments with CrossFit Brisbane and the resulting influence I am no longer offering programming.

Brett (brett4d@gmail.com)


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