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Redo the damn workout!


I have read some aggressive disagreement with the concept of redoing the workouts and the rationale are varied but include:

– You cannot redo the workouts at regionals (train like game day)

– It goes against unknown and unknowable ethic of CrossFit

– Redos interrupt your training week

Valid points but here is why I think you should redo the open workouts:

Because you can!

You get to you don’t got to and you should be excited about that opportunity.

For most people doing the CrossFit Games the open is their CrossFit Games!

Have as many attempts as your body can handle to express your fitness in a score you can be proud of.

Will it interrupt your training? yes but I bet you get some higher than usual intensity workouts in.

Won’t I be just getting better due to a learning affect? Sure but Better is better.

Isn’t it cheating the original ethic of CrossFit?

Cheating is posting a score you didn’t get or counting a rep that was after the buzzer or that failed to hit the required ROM. How can it be cheating if it acceptable within the rules.

If CrossFit want only one attempt then A) the online process wouldn’t allow multiple entries and B) they would have restricted the window to say 48hrs.

I know there will be people out there saying “Well I’m only going to do it once because that is true CrossFit” or something similar. I call this insurance. “You beat me in the WOD but I only did it once.” That dude probably had to do the workout in KG with the sun in his eyes with no chalk – probably would have got another three rounds if the moons were in alignment.

There is the negative of planning a redo and that is not going hard enough on the first go. Plan to hit it so hard that you cannot beat your first effort despite changing strategies and tweaking variables and then you will know you are in touch with your capacities.

Get out there and have fun but remember every time you dead lift with a round back a kitten dies.



Ages and Stages

Oliver Wilson (Fry) could be onto something. Thanks to Australian CrossFit Memes for the pic.

These guys are legit coaches with some brilliant strategies for 13.1 CLICK HERE for MWOD and CrossFit San Fran super coach team tips.

There are a number of ways to add efficiency to your workout as the video shows some examples are:

  • Snake your burpees on the up and the down.
  • Don’t move your feet when you muscle snatch the light reps.
  • Pace the workout

These are advanced concepts that are misplaced if in the hand of beginners.

I love to muscle snatch light weights and heavier weights too if I have it in the tank. As my muscle snatch disappears I move into a power snatch and as the fatigue sets in or the weight gets heavier I am forced to squat snatch.

The above strategy works because of technical capacity across 3 similar but different movements. The athlete that can only do muscle snatches is forced to alter their position to receive the muscle snatches that cannot be popped up high enough. That positional change is usually a hyper extension of the spine and will most likely be rapidly coupled with a press out from a slight limbo position.

How do I know if I am a beginner?

Can you overhead squat? Muscle Snatch? Power Snatch? Snatch? missing capacity in these requires more practice in these movements not a search for a method that lets the task get completed via a loop hole.

Can you do 40 strict burpees? If yes then you probably have the capacity to experiment with the competitive advantage associated with a snaked burpee.

40 snaked burpees are significantly easier than 40 strict burpees Рno question. Unfortunately the snaked burpee is not going to give you capacity in the strict burpee or have athletic transfer to anything else in life or CrossFit (except possibly breakdancing). In addition by using the advanced technique without proficiency in the basic you may be setting yourself up for injuries that probably will not appear until you have turned that snaked burpee into your default and it is incredibly hard to rewrite that pattern.

Have a vocabulary of movements.

Pacing I can get behind but again it is an advanced concept that requires a practiced awareness of where your boundaries are. Let your new athletes push themselves a little too hard so they need to rest every so often help them get comfortable with being uncomfortable via exposure. They may pace themselves and never get uncomfortable and in doing so miss out on some of the available intensity.

To quote Danny Mellor from CrossFit Noosa (and butcher his analogy):

“Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.”

You can run from your house wearing nothing but your underwear and it is a reasonable strategy if your dwelling is a raging inferno threatening your life. Not such a great strategy if you are just bringing the rubbish bin in from the curb.

Have Fun on 13.1 but please stay safe. I hate hearing about people getting injured trying to snatch more than they have ever jerked or overhead squatted.