Don’t get covered in moss.


A number of conversations have inspired this post and essentially I want to share some wisdom from my time teaching Combat Fitness Leaders in the Australian Army.

One message I remember receiving and then passing on many times was regarding assessment:

“You will always be assessed by yourself, your peers and your class”

It is easy to get caught up in the hype of the class – everyone gets a good workout, nobody dies and there are high fives going around like there is no tomorrow. Do not get me wrong, your clients must be happy with the service you provide else they will stop training with you.

It can be easy to fall into the trap of “my class thinks I am a superstar so I must actually be a superstar”.

Remember your class or audience is a variable group. Some will be new and easily impressed while others might be a little more jaded and harder to bring around.

Are you getting feedback from other trainers where you work? People with a similar knowledge or experience base. Your peers can keep you from growing complacent when you cut corners that the class may not realise.

Lastly are you proud of the effort you put into the class you just took, the bathroom you cleaned, the program you wrote and the PT you are doing right now? or have you already identified some ways you can improve upon it the next time.

You know best what things you want to be better at as a coach so get after it every time.

Regardless of how good you are you can be better you just have to keep working at it.

Keep on rollin !

2 responses to “Don’t get covered in moss.”

  1. Damo says :

    That is pti,s at the moment Brett spot on!

  2. Tristan Nardella says :

    Sums up what we spoke about on the weekend thank you 😀

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