What to do at the end of the session?

The stretching regime that you use at the end of the session may seem basic and common to you but vibrant and new to someone else.

This post is simple, share the wealth.

With new coaches starting everyday here is an opportunity to pay forward a stretch or cool down drill that you are particularly fond of.

I always try to finish with a bit of group stretching. While stretching and static stretching in particular it a hot topic academically  (check out any of KStar’s videos including this one) I like to get everyone to relax on the ground and reacquaint themselves with how long the muscles they just used can and should be. The best strategy for flexibility and mobility is one that caters to an individual’s specific requirements but I rarely see those followed through, so I get the group to stretch.

Here is a video of 3 positions I would hang out in after a high rep push up pull up workout.

Please add to the comments either:

A video of your favourite Cool Down stretches or

Questions relating to Cool Down stretches.


4 responses to “What to do at the end of the session?”

  1. Ollie says :

    Great vid man. I’m a big fan of this 4-position hip opener (I know it says before the workout but I drop it in after too). I dig it because it’s easy to through all positions. Courtesy of Kelly Starrett http://youtu.be/JBHzXF-mVjY

  2. Dan Williams says :

    We use structured pre- and post- exercise routines dependant on the exercises completed during training. http://www.rangeofmotion.net.au/content/clinic/prepostexerciseroutines

  3. kane says :

    Hey mate, loving the blog. Could you do a post on hammies, glute and lower back maint’ and stretching?

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