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Ass out of u and me?

I consider myself a physicist in the same way a dude who is no Taj Burrows but owns a board and rides a few waves considers himself a surfer.

Physicists start every problem by listing the assumptions and while reflecting on my coaching style I noticed I have some assumptions of my own.

Assumption One: The spine should be as unchanged as possible in a loaded movement this is introduced in CrossFit as midline stability (see the L1 training guide Page 49 click here for the guide)

Assumption Two: The posterior chain is used sub optimally by most people due to training background or lifestyle influences

Assumption Three: The spine is designed to deal with load best if it is as vertical as possible.

Assumption Four: Muscles are ok to be loaded, connective tissue is not – loading of connective tissue happens but it is like hitting the side rail on the road, not a practice to be pursued regularly.

I will look to build on my list of assumptions and then flesh them out as they pertain to particular examples and movements.